7 Ways to Kill those Last Horrible Minutes at Work


You know the feeling. You’re done. Maybe not with the things you need to do, but just DONE. You’re brain is fried and you can’t concentrate anymore. You’re watching the minutes tick by and you can’t wait to get out of there. You look at the clock again. Is time moving BACKWARDS??? Argh. You just want to be anywhere but there. The more you watch time, the slower it moves, so here’s some ideas to distract yourself during those last agonizing minutes you have left till Beer Thirty.  clock-1196246

1. Move  If your lucky enough to have a job you can move around in then just get up and move somewhere. Go to the restroom and wash your hands. Grab some coffee or fill your water bottle. Go see that guy down the hall about that thing. Just put your body in motion and you’ll feel more awake and kill a few minutes.

2. Make a to-do list. – For tomorrow, for tonight when you get home. Make it in your head or on your laptop or on a napkin from the break room.  Decide what to wear tomorrow. Make a list of calls to make. You’ll trick your mind into planning mode and wake yourself up a bit.

3. Clean your cube – or your locker or purse and laptop bag, your general area or coffeepot. It kills time and makes you look productive.

4. Look something up Online – Unless you’ve spent the day staring at a screen and your eyes feel like the Sahara. Try to keep it relevant to work if that’s the kind of place you’re in, or check your bank account, find a recipe for dinner, take a BuzzFeed quiz, email a friend just to say hi. Read an Ebook. Order something off Amazon, but don’t start mindlessly browsing.

5. Ask a Co worker how their kids are, or what their plans are this weekend. It’s amazing how fast time goes if you can get yourself into conversation mode.  Just make sure you do this with someone you ACTUALLY want to talk to or the time can go even slower.

6. Read a blog post – Hint hint, there’s more where this came from. 🙂

7.Write a blog post. I hear that takes up a good few minutes. 😉

Enjoy your Five O’Clock Everyone!


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