Dredging the Muck From your Life

Just like our waterways, our lives are filled with sediment and pollutants.The run-off from a modern life of storm drains and sewers, erosion and chemicals we add to just about everything we touch. These toxins can make our clear waters murky, harm wildlife and release toxins. Sediment reduces the current and depth of our lives, just as it does our waterways, It clogs up our flow and causes a flood of negative emotion that can seemingly come out of nowhere.

We get clouded by adulthood, the negative people and time wasters that make our lives seem overwhelming and cluttered. We go to work, raise our kids, try to keep up with the modern world. Then suddenly, like our tributaries, we are bogged down and shallow. One thing poisons the next. It can be such a slow, creeping process we may not realize it’s happening until we overflow or seem beyond clarifying. Every now and then we need to dredge our lives of these toxins, add some depth and increase our flow so we can get where we are going freely.landscape-mountains-nature-rocks

The dredging doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. We can remove the dirt and debris a scoop at a time.

Go through one small area of your house.

It can be  as small as a closet or cabinet that drives you insane every time you open it. That spot that you don’t even go into anymore because you don’t even know what’s there. Clean it out. Give away what you can. Find a way to reuse or recycle things so we are not just moving our junk from our house to another toxic pile. Have you used it in the past 6 months? Will you need it in the next 6 months? (and be HONEST) then get rid of it. Just cleaning out one small area feels so good, and it will motivate you to go through more areas. Once you get over the initial hill of letting stuff go it becomes so much easier.

Clean out your inbox, apps, bookmarks or documents.

Like to save web pages? Get on Pinterest and organize all those sites and pages in one easy to navigate location. Spend some time unsubscribing from emails that you never read.You’re more likely to actually check your email (and not miss anything important) if you you don’t have it clogged up with junk. Open a separate junk email account that you can use for all those sites that require you to add an email address and then send you every offer under the sun.

Purge your social media.

When I first got on Facebook a friend convinced me to start playing Mafia Wars. (ACK!) I ended up with a very long list of people on my friend list that I didn’t know and didn’t care to know when it was their birthday. I have long since given up on Mafia Wars and every other type of Facebook war so I went through that long list and purged anyone I didn’t have a desire to “social media” with.

Pinterest can get clogged too. I follow a lot of people on my personal account. I chose to follow these folks because they pin some really awesome stuff, but there are some boards that they pin to that I just have no interest in. I have no plans to have another wedding, so I really don’t need to see the extraordinary amount of wedding ideas that seemed to fill up my feed. I went through each person and unfollowed any board that didn’t pertain to my interests. (so long boards filled with high heels and wood burning techniques!) Now when I see someone with a ton of great pins I select the boards I want to see and my feed only reflects things I’m interested in.

Make a date with yourself

Put it in your calendar and don’t stand yourself up! There is nothing like a day all to yourself, and if you disagree then you’re doing it wrong. Plan a day when no one is home, and you can sit and enjoy your house. no cleaning! Take yourself to a movie or lunch, go to a park, sit and read, meditate, do a craft. Whatever it is, this day is just about doing something you want with no demands to be met. If you can’t have a whole day, carve out a few hours. Reconnect with yourself, unclutter your brain and reboot your energy. Your mind will thank you.

Once you start taking little scoops of sediment out of your life you will start feeling your current quicken as it flows unobstructed through its natural course. Eventually you will move from excavating little sand shovels to buckets as you leave the shallows and feel your waters run deeper.

What dredging efforts do you take to lead a deeper life?


Photos by Pexel.com

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