I can truly say I have been blessed this week. My gratitude practice has been paying off and I want to acknowledge the good things that have been given to me. The more I say thank you the more I seem to receive. I was given 2 pieces of good news at work. One will help out my wallet and the other my time. A new friend has crossed my path who offered up some timely and much-needed advice. Two old friends got back in touch. I received quite a few tokens; organics from a friend’s garden and some yummy homemade bread, a monetary boost, a fantastic Thai cookbook, and (Whoo Hoo) some awesome vintage jewelry from my grandma. More important than any of these, the darkness continues to be lifted from my life and my genuine smile is appearing more often.

It’s magical what happens when you refuse to look down. Gratitude and Manifesting are powerful. Calling on our Spirit gives us guidance. Seeing the good, refusing to waste negative energy and giving a nod to Karma works wonders. The full harvest moon is above us today, so call it down. Give thanks for every. little. blessing.


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