The Autumn Equinox today has me thinking a lot about balance. The equal plane we find in the days and seasons of our soul. Thankfully, I have been feeling pretty well-balanced lately. (With the exception of recently injuring my ankle, but that was gravity’s fault.)

Maybe it’s because Mercury is finally out of retrograde, (which my friends and I have balance-copyenjoyed blaming our long slow days on since the beginning of August). Maybe it’s because I’m looking out over the ocean, which for me, brings everything into perspective.  Maybe I’ve just become good at finding my symmetry.

Balance doesn’t always come easy. Ask any Yogi. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who didn’t struggle with it on some level, especially parents trying to manage careers and kids and home life. I have also struggled, pretty much my whole life, with equalizing my emotions. I tend to feel everything a bit more magnified than most people I know. Every bad feeling rubs me like sandpaper on an open wound. The upside to this is I also feel overwhelming happiness and excitement. I can find joy in everything.

Empaths like me love hard and get hurt harder. But we also care more and laugh louder. We can go pretty far down if left unattended simply because we can sense and feel, not just our own heightened pain, but that of others as well. We can sense the change in vibes and immediately know when something is “off” or when something is going to be ok. We can also beautifully celebrate others victory and elation. We have no choice but to be honest about our feelings because they consume us otherwise. It’s this ability to feel so purely that moves us to help others, act selflessly, and evade jealousy. It’s not always easy to keep ourselves in harmony, however, I have never met an empath that would give it up for the ability to be more shallow. It’s a game of balance. We play Jenga with our feelings, and have learned to keep the dangerous shaky hands of the unstable far away.

If you’re struggling with finding balance, the best thing you can do is slow down and take a stone-1278654_960_720-copygood look around. Take an honest assessment of your path and the way you travel. Whats pushing you over? What can even out your path? Who or what can you lean on?

I was watching a beautiful little one year old learning to walk the other day. She was a tad unsteady, but she took her time, put one foot in front of the other. She didn’t try to run or jump. She carefully tried to find her footing. And she was oh so proud of herself! She was enjoying the challenge!  She’ll continue to hold onto whatever makes her feel a bit more steady and secure until she finds her balance. Then she’s going to be unstoppable, (and mom and dad will lose their balance).

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