What Do You Want to Know?

Whether we like it or not, we learn something new everyday. It’s cliché, yes, but oh so true. Life tests us on subjects we don’t get to study for like loss, heartbreak, challenge, and perseverance. Not all the lessons are abstract. We gain insight about our world and the people in it through travel and experiences. We expand our minds by taking a class, talking to an expert or simply participating in something new. Every encounter we have, we take something away, good or bad.  Knowledge is what helps us grow, formulate new goals and reinvent ourselves again and again.

For eight hours a day I have the privilege of talking to students of all ages, that come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. Their goals range from graduating high school to having something to do in retirement. They are chasing dreams and climbing mountains all in an effort to better themselves, better their career, or learn a new skill. One thing they all have in common is the belief that no matter what life throws at them, no one can ever take away their education. Once we have it, it’s ours to keep. Some of these students come from less than ideal backgrounds and far too many don’t have support or encouragement in their ventures. Yet they inspire me and motivate me as much as I hope I do them.

I started a bucket list recently that has grown into a journal filled with all the things I want to experience before my time on this beautiful planet is up. One of the lists is “Things I want to learn”.  On it I jot down subjects and skills that range from the Google-able to apprenticeships. I went kinda crazy with it and who knows if I will get to it all but I’m having a damn good time trying. Some things I learn from friends,  some I’m taking real and online classes for, some I just grab a book and teach myself. ( The guy at the library gives me some strange looks.)

I’m grateful that my hunger for learning new things isn’t stifled in any way. I can go to a school, I have internet, and books available to me. I can learn about anything I want. I stay mindful that there are places in the world where these gifts wouldn’t be as easy to come by, where new experiences and education isn’t a given right or freedom.

thinklearnloveIsn’t there something you always wanted to learn? A language? A hobby? The history behind something? I challenge you to make a Knowledge Bucket List and go get started! Grab a friend and take a class. Sit and do schoolwork with your kid. Learn something new on purpose today. No matter where you are or where life takes you, that knowledge is yours to keep.


Photos by Pixabay

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