About Me

Recovering sad person with an empathetic heart. Like the ocean I can be unstable, deep, full of mystery, and ever changing but fun as hell.

Mindfully organic and holistic🌿upcycler♻oceanlover🌊 Anti GMO and plastic crap 🌴⚓ ⚾🏄🐙 🐋Earth warrior🌎I believe in buying less and experiencing more. Being true to yourself and finding the good in all the bad .🍹🐾 Grew up on the East Coast shoreline and I’ve learned the hard way that life has highs and lows and I have learned well to roll with the tide and avoid undertows.

If you want to hang with me please be kind or be witty because I don’t much care for mean people.

Like me, this blog won’t follow a straight line. I take crooked paths, prefer them actually, but I always stay grounded to the earth around me. Hang out with me but prepare to get dizzy. I can get all over the place. I’m a lover of sunshine and rain equally, always up for an adventure but just as happy spending a day with a good book, good friends and good beer.



13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So lovely to meet you. I found you via A Kinder Way ❤
    I love what you wrote about seeing the good in the bad. I've been looking at how to see the blessings in everything. It helps me to direct my thoughts to the blessings … and to take deep breaths … and have fun.
    Many blessings, looking forward to knowing you.

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