Little Earthquakes

You get more resilient, better at coping and clawing your way out, but the emotions are the same, and the music that moved you 25 years ago, can undeniably still move you today.


  Let my moon bring you peace While your sun warms my day Passing, barely touching Never getting in the way   I’ll stand alone in the heavens Reflecting all your light I’ll never ask for more Then a glance my way at night   we can dance through the cosmos Unless there’s an eclipse…


The Autumn Equinox today has me thinking a lot about balance. I have been feeling pretty well-balanced lately. (With the exception of recently injuring my ankle, but that was gravity’s fault.)

How My Shelter Dog Rescued Me

Me and this little goofy snug bug were meant to find each other. Dogs, all animals really, have a way of opening our hearts wider than we ever thought possible. Animals, unlike humans, will love others more than they love themselves. Anyone who has ever experienced this relationship with an animal has been changed on some level for the better.

Revelry on the Crooked Path

Sometimes we lose people. People who give up on us because we didn’t follow the directions and who can’t see the remarkableness and beauty in the divergent. But we always, every time, arrive somewhere. We may arrive late and filthy, but we arrive strong and grinning.