Little Earthquakes

You get more resilient, better at coping and clawing your way out, but the emotions are the same, and the music that moved you 25 years ago, can undeniably still move you today.

Going Meatless

For about two years now I have been on an organic, non GMO, clean diet, but some recent medical news has forced me to take a hard look at what nutrition means to me.

When You Adopt a Shelter Dog

I worked for my area animal rescue and shelter when I was younger and have cried at the joyous moments when an animal goes to a loving home, and also at the choices that must be made with the ones that don’t get adopted. For Adopt a Shelter Dog month, I wanted to share some things I learned from that experience.

Enchantment of Autumn

My plants are turning back toward the soil and I can see the change in the angle of the sun as it hits my house. The air gets crisp and everything magically begins to smell of pumpkin and cinnamon.